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Welcome to Meghalaya: Embark on a Journey with Carrnival Trips

Explore the mesmerising landscapes and cultural richness of Meghalaya with Carrnival Trips. Our meticulously crafted Meghalaya tour packages offer an unforgettable experience, combining the comfort of seamless travel with the enchantment of breathtaking destinations. As your trusted travel companion, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Shillong, Uriam Lake, Elephant Falls, Arwah Cave, NohKaLikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, and Wei Sawdong Falls.

CTA: Explore the beauty of Meghalaya with Carrnival Trips.

Carrnival Trips: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Adventures

At Carrnival Trips, we pride ourselves on curating journeys that go beyond the ordinary. Our Meghalaya tour packages are designed to cater to the diverse interests of every traveler. From nature enthusiasts to adventure seekers, our itineraries promise an immersive experience that captures the essence of Meghalaya's charm.

Shillong: The Scotland of the East

Nestled in the undulating hills, Shillong welcomes you with its colonial charm and vibrant culture. Our tour packages ensure you explore every nook and cranny of this picturesque city. Be it the serene Ward's Lake, the panoramic views from Shillong Peak, or the bustling markets, Carrnival Trips ensures you savour the true essence of the 'Scotland of the East.'

Uriam Lake: Tranquil Waters, Serene Reflections

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Uriam Lake, a hidden gem surrounded by lush greenery. Our packages offer you the chance to unwind by the lakeside, witness breathtaking sunsets, and embark on boat rides that showcase the untouched beauty of Meghalaya's landscapes.

Elephant Falls: Nature's Cascade of Beauty

Cascading down in three tiers, Elephant Falls is a spectacle that must not be missed. Carrnival Trips takes you on a journey to witness the raw power and natural beauty of these falls, providing opportunities for breathtaking photographs and moments of awe.

Arwah Cave: A Stroll Through Nature's Gallery

Explore the mystical Arwah Cave, where nature unveils its artistic prowess. Our tours guide you through the intriguing passages of the cave, revealing stunning formations that narrate Meghalaya's geological history.

NohKaLikai Falls: The Plunge into Majesty

Standing tall as the tallest plunge waterfall in India, NohKaLikai Falls captivates with its awe-inspiring descent. Carrnival Trips ensures you witness this natural wonder from the best vantage points, creating memories of a lifetime.

Mawsmai Cave: Journey into Earth's Depths

Delve into the mysteries of Mawsmai Cave, where stalactites and stalagmites create an otherworldly landscape. Our expertly crafted itineraries allow you to explore the cave's wonders, accompanied by experienced guides who share the geological marvels of Meghalaya.

Wei Sawdong Falls: Nature's Symphony Unveiled

Discover the symphony of nature at Wei Sawdong Falls, where crystal-clear waters cascade through lush greenery. Our Meghalaya travel packages provide you with the opportunity to soak in the pristine beauty of this lesser-known gem, away from the crowds.

Unparalleled Services with Carrnival Trips

As you embark on this journey with Carrnival Trips, rest assured that our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction is unwavering. Our packages include seamless transportation, expert guides, comfortable accommodation, and curated experiences that showcase the best of Meghalaya. We prioritise your safety and enjoyment, ensuring every moment of your trip is memorable.

CTA: Visit the site of Carrnival Trips and explore its Meghalaya packages.

Book your Meghalaya tour with Carrnival Trips after going through the meghalaya tour package carefully and let us be your companions in unravelling the beauty, culture, and adventure that this enchanting destination has to offer. Your journey awaits – make it extraordinary with Carrnival Trips!

Assam & Meghalaya Tour Packages Duration Price (Per person) Inclusion
Home Above The Clouds 3N/4D
View Details
Smoky Falls 3N/4D
View Details
Matchless Waterfalls 3N/4D
View Details
Meghalaya Tour With Ex 4N/5D
View Details
Glimpses Of Meghalaya 4N/5D
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Best packages
Home Above The CloudsDeluxe Hotels
View Property3N/4D

Home Above The Clouds

16,400 (PP)19,79917% off
19,300 (PP)24,90022% off
20,400 (PP)29,60031% off
Smoky Falls3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)
Weekend Offer3N/4D

Smoky Falls

16,600 (PP)19,99917% off
18,200 (PP)25,95030% off
22,100 (PP)28,99924% off
Matchless Waterfalls3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Matchless Waterfalls

16,700 (PP)19,49914% off
18,900 (PP)26,59929% off
21,000 (PP)29,99930% off
Meghalaya Tour With Exotic Shillong and Cherrapunjee3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Meghalaya Tour With Ex

20,000 (PP)23,45015% off
23,200 (PP)28,29918% off
25,600 (PP)34,59926% off
Glimpses of Meghalaya with Cherrapunjee3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Glimpses Of Meghalaya

21,400 (PP)25,49916% off
24,000 (PP)28,99917% off
27,400 (PP)33,79919% off
Mesmerising Cherrapunjee and Dawki3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Mesmerising Cherrapunj

20,500 (PP)25,69920% off
22,200 (PP)30,00026% off
27,800 (PP)33,99918% off
Shillong & Cherrapunji- Short Break3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Shillong & Cherrapunji

20,800 (PP)25,65019% off
23,400 (PP)30,65024% off
26,800 (PP)35,99926% off
Serene Waterfalls3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Serene Waterfalls

20,100 (PP)23,69915% off
22,500 (PP)29,49924% off
26,000 (PP)34,50025% off
Magnificent Meghalaya3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Magnificent Meghalaya

23,900 (PP)27,89914% off
26,700 (PP)35,69925% off
32,700 (PP)39,29917% off
Stream Of Dreams3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Stream Of Dreams

23,800 (PP)27,59914% off
27,000 (PP)35,25023% off
32,300 (PP)38,69917% off
Meghalaya Tour With Cherrapunjee3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Meghalaya Tour With Ch

25,500 (PP)27,9999% off
28,500 (PP)34,69918% off
33,700 (PP)39,49915% off
Misty Meghalaya3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Misty Meghalaya

25,500 (PP)26,9996% off
30,000 (PP)33,59911% off
32,800 (PP)39,69917% off
Meghalaya Tour- Enchanting Shillong Cherrapunjee 3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Meghalaya Tour- Enchan

31,500 (PP)35,00010% off
34,800 (PP)41,99917% off
39,999 (PP)45,99913% off
Meghalaya With Kaziranga3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Meghalaya With Kaziran

30,900 (PP)37,99919% off
34,000 (PP)41,99919% off
41,400 (PP)46,89912% off
Escape to Waterfalls 3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Escape To Waterfalls

27,600 (PP)30,69910% off
34,500 (PP)34,6500% off
40,600 (PP)43,8507% off
Meghalaya Call of Wild3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Meghalaya Call Of Wild

35,700 (PP)38,9998% off
43,300 (PP)46,5997% off
48,850 (PP)51,2995% off
Live Amidst The Clouds3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

Live Amidst The Clouds

28,350 (PP)31,1509% off
35,400 (PP)38,6008% off
40,600 (PP)43,2506% off
North East Cascade3 Star Hotel (Tripadvisor)

North East Cascade

35,700 (PP)38,0006% off
43,400 (PP)45,6995% off
49,100 (PP)52,1506% off
Meghalaya Tour With Living Root BridgeDeluxe Hotels

Meghalaya Tour With Li

31,850 (PP)35,45010% off
39,400 (PP)43,5009% off
45,350 (PP)48,0006% off
Meghalaya Tour With Mandir DarshanBest Rated

Meghalaya Tour With Ma

35,350 (PP)38,6999% off
43,400 (PP)45,6995% off
50,100 (PP)53,5006% off
Kaziranga- Amidst JungleBest Rated

Kaziranga- Amidst Jung

41,150 (PP)44,5008% off
47,900 (PP)50,0004% off
54,100 (PP)57,5006% off
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